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About Us

How it all started

The history of preparing meals to different passersby in our house starts in the 50’s of the last century when our late nonno and nanna prepared lunches and dinners for many of the Novalja guests. Some of them were accommodated in their house, some of them in the surrounding ones and the others would come from camp Straško. Those days people usually knew and arranged the menu in advance and it mostly depended on groceries available that day – because the fridges, as well as other kitchen appliances, were inexistent or rare like some kind of family treasure. Something like a daily dose of God’s peace or a big white shark in Novalja waters today.

Summer by summer, the guests started discovering Novalja. The rumours about its numerous beaches and occasional deep shades spread around, and tourism in Novalja, a place known for field laborers and fishermen, started to become more and more serious phenomenon and the guests expected better and better service. Meeting these new standards was a matter of time and in our case it all started in nineteen sixty-nine (1969). Though some of us from the house would like to say that we are the real generation of ’69, the others are glad that we aren’t, that we had our own revolution a year later, as a logical development of the events. Anyway, that was the year when our well-tuned custom of serving meals arranged that morning or the day before became official, with the opening of a restaurant called – La Paloma.

Since then, this name which is pronounceable to the German, ordinary to the Spanish and close to the locals, is holding on and hopes, together with its hosts, that decade- long tradition will have a lot of good and delicious reasons to keep on for at least a few more.

The first in Novalja

Our location in the very center of Novalja, just by the Little church on the Bazilika square, is one of the rare things that hasn’t changed. Though the oldest restaurant in Novalja with a tradition since 1969, everything has always been directed towards improvement. We brought to our Novalja the first coffee machine, the first pizza, the first home delivery, the first internet cafe, the first home-made pasta… meeting the needs of our guests we have become better and better. After almost 50 years of tradition we can freely say that we know what our guests like and we know how to give it to them. Our doors are always opened for you.